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Samsung Galaxy Watch6
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    1.5 in

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This Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 is a smaller version of the Watch 6 Classic model, but with concessions that prove a little costly on a day-to-day basis. There are two bezel sizes, 43 and 44 mm.

The design benefits fully from the disappearance of the rotating bezel, which really lightens the overall lines and therefore the edges of the watch, and makes it particularly elegant, even if Apple is still ahead of the game when it comes to looks. The choice of aluminum is certainly less premium than steel, but it also lightens up this Galaxy Watch 6, which is easily forgotten on the wrist, yet remains firmly in place. The strap is 20 mm wide, which is classic and identical to the Korean manufacturer's previous watches: it can be easily detached for replacement. The fastening system, on the other hand, is discreet but not necessarily very practical to close.

The 1.47-inch diagonal screen is sufficiently well-defined to be pleasant to look at, especially as it boasts very high brightness for comfortable use in environments with varying degrees of light. The cinema and sleep modes also ensure unhindered use, even when the wrist is moved, for example. And for those who don't like the screen displayed, you can download others from the store.

The Galaxy Watch 6 boasts excellent power and storage capacity, smooth operation and a particularly generous catalog of applications, covering just about every need. The on-board operating system is of a high quality, with fairly instinctive navigation between the physical keys and the screen, while remaining customizable. It's also possible to respond to calls or messages, with a whole range of options for this: virtual keyboard, on-screen handwriting recognition or voice dictation. In addition to contactless payment, this connected watch can also detect a fall, which is always reassuring for vulnerable people. The Galaxy Wearables application is very complete and well-designed, but iPhone owners logically don't have access to it.

As far as health is concerned, the Galaxy Watch 6 does very well, offering a wide range of data for monitoring heart activity, stress and sleep, and even blood pressure with a Samsung smartphone. The GPS is precise enough to measure the distance covered in a running session.

The battery life of this Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 is nothing to be ashamed of, and even when still switched on, it lasts for over a day without worrying about recharging, but it's possible to go further by opting for optimized settings and a display, for example, only when the watch is moved and with fewer health data measurements.

Review of the Samsung Galaxy Watch6 done by Julien Hany the 2024/04/28

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Key points

SIM card





2048 MB

Depth (Version 40mm)

9 in

Weight (Version 40mm)

28.7 oz


425 mAh

Depth (Waterproof)

50 m

Processor frequency

1.4 GHz

Height (Version 40mm)

38.8 in

Weak points

iOS compatible


Storage capacity

16 MB


44.4 in

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The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 adds a number of improvements over the previous generation, and while looks are mostly the same, the new features pile up...

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Technical specifications

The Samsung Galaxy Watch6 has several versions, you will find the features of the 44mm version then on the (40mm) alternative version, only with features that are differents form the principal sheet.

Available Yes
Release date (US) August 2023
Release date (FR) August 2023
Street price (EUR) 319 €
Operating System Android Wear OS 4
Android compatible Yes
iOS compatible No
Windows Phone compatible No
BlackBerry compatible No
Bluetooth 5.3
Bluetooth Low Energy Yes
Display screen
Type Super AMOLED
Display screen in color Yes
Touchscreen Yes
Size 1.5 in
Resolution 480x480 pixels
PPI 453
Waterproof Yes
Depth 50 m
Splashproof Yes
Dustproof Yes
Ingress Protection IP68
Processor Exynos W930
Processor frequency 1.4 GHz
Core number Dual core
RAM 2048 MB
Storage capacity 16 MB
Radio No
Headset plug No
Microphone Yes
Speaker Yes
Wi-Fi Yes
SIM card Yes
Vibration Yes
Qi wireless charging Yes
Memory card No
Size and weight
44.4 in
9 in
42.8 in
33.3 oz
Samsung Galaxy Watch6
Height 42.8 in
Width 44.4 in
Depth 9 in
Weight 33.3 oz
Capacity 425 mAh
Display language English
Audio player Yes
Camera No
Accelerometer Yes
Gyrometer Yes
Gyroscope Yes
Barometer Yes
Pedometer Yes
Compass Yes
Heart rate monitor Yes
Size and weight
40.4 in
9 in
38.8 in
28.7 oz
Samsung Galaxy Watch6
Height 38.8 in
Width 40.4 in
Depth 9 in
Weight 28.7 oz
Capacity 300 mAh
Display screen
Size 1.3 in
Resolution 432x432 pixels

Information from the technical sheet of the Samsung Galaxy Watch6 are only indicative, if you notice an error, please inform us with the icon displayed on the right of each specifications.

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