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Google Pixel Watch 2
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Google continues to develop its devices, with smartphones well established, but also a tablet and now a connected watch. The first iteration of the latter was still highly perfectible, and this second version is intended to rectify these concerns.

The design of this watch is quite elegant and discreet, which already makes several differences to its advantage over the usual connected watches, which are sometimes quite cumbersome. The Pixel Watch 2 can be easily forgotten, even if the glass surface may appear a little fragile. The strap is easy to change, even if the format is unique to Google.

However, it soon becomes clear that the small size of this watch will have a significant impact on the legibility of information, and while it may be worthwhile not to be saturated with information, any notification will require a noticeable effort to be read: it's best not to be presbyopic, for example. Similarly, the keyboard is also limited in size, and small fingers will fare much better.

Tracking of physical indicators, such as heart rate and sleep, shows real progress on Google's part. The values obtained are very close to those provided by professional equipment, and the Google Pixel Watch 2 gives you relevant information about your health, The highly responsive interface is also optimized for fast switching between notifications and applications, all without latency. The crown around the dial is very effective, and the physical button is efficient, and if not, Google's voice assistant also enables finger-free, voice-only operation.

For apps, there's one to link the smartphone to the watch, with somewhat meagre customization possibilities, sometimes with automatic app installation. For physical activity tracking, Google has opted for Fitbit, which performs well for tracking but requires a subscription for data to be retained for more than a week. This, however, goes hand in hand with very high-quality tracking, with personalized activities. The Google Pixel Watch 2's limited range of activities is regrettable, however, as it does not cover badminton or open-water swimming. Finally, Google's watch shines in the quality of its vitals tracking, with precision that's almost never in doubt, and a very well-made GPS, and the same goes for sleep tracking.

In terms of battery life, Google has not succeeded in making this watch enduring, and it fares much better in sedentary use. In the opposite case, it's essential to bear in mind that you'll need to recharge before the end of the day.

Review of the Google Pixel Watch 2 done by Julien Hany the 2024/02/20

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Key points

Depth (Waterproof)

50 m


31 oz


41 in


2048 MB



SIM card


Weak points

Street price (US)

399 $

iOS compatible


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Technical specifications

Release date (US) October 2023
Street price (US) 399 $
Release date (FR) October 2023
Street price (EUR) 399 €
Operating System Android Wear OS 4
Android compatible Yes
iOS compatible No
Windows Phone compatible No
BlackBerry compatible No
Bluetooth 5.0
Bluetooth Low Energy Yes
Display screen
Type Amoled
Display screen in color Yes
Touchscreen Yes
Size 1.2 in
Resolution 450x450 pixels
PPI 530
Waterproof Yes
Depth 50 m
Splashproof Yes
Dustproof Yes
Ingress Protection IP68
Processor Qualcomm 5100
RAM 2048 MB
Storage capacity 32 MB
Radio No
Headset plug No
Microphone Yes
Speaker Yes
Wi-Fi Yes
SIM card Yes
Vibration Yes
Qi wireless charging Yes
Memory card No
Size and weight
41 in
12.3 in
41 in
31 oz
Google Pixel Watch 2
Height 41 in
Width 41 in
Depth 12.3 in
Weight 31 oz
Capacity 306 mAh
Audio player Yes
Camera No
Accelerometer Yes
Gyrometer Yes
Gyroscope Yes
Pedometer Yes
Compass Yes
Heart rate monitor Yes

Information from the technical sheet of the Google Pixel Watch 2 are only indicative, if you notice an error, please inform us with the icon displayed on the right of each specifications.

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