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Ricoh Theta S
  • Field of view (max)

    360 °

  • Effective pixels

    14 MP

  • Video resolution (60 fps)

    x pixels

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Key points

Internal memory



23 in

Lens : number of elements


Field of view (max)

360 °

Effective pixels

14 MP

Internal memory capacity (Internal memory)

8192 MB

Weak points

Memory card


Street price (EUR)

399 €


130 in

Digital zoom

1 x

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Amazon Marketplace Ricoh Theta Digital Camera (White) $198.27 Free shipping $198.27 $198.27
Amazon Marketplace Ricoh Theta S Digital Camera (Black) $287.75 Free shipping $287.75 $287.75

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Theta S Summary Most cameras seem a lot alike, but not so the Ricoh Theta S. With twin fisheye lenses, each with its own image sensor, this sleek...


The Ricoh Theta S is a compact 360 camera that features 2 12 megapixel CMOS sensors, giving you a truly 360-degree image. It can connect to your...


Research Center: Ricoh Theta S All of a sudden, 360-degree content is the rage – or, at least, that's what YouTube, Facebook, and a bunch of camera...

39000/- The Ricoh Theta S is a lot of fun to use, particularly when you begin shooting 360-degree videos. However, it still has its fair share of...

Expert Reviews

The first Ricoh Theta wowed us back in 2013. The 360-degree camera broke the rules of photography then, but I find the concept as appealing now as I...


By Ricoh is a pioneer in spherical imaging, a growing segment in the photography and videography space. It showed off a conceptual version of its...


In a few years from now, cameras like the Ricoh Theta S will be standard. Maybe not even a few years. Maybe this year. Samsung just released their VR...


Unless you're really into cameras, it's probably a surprise that Japanese electronics manufacturer Ricoh -- a company best known for its copiers,...

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Technical specifications

Available Yes
Release date (US) October 2015
Street price (US) 349 $
Released (FR) October 2015
Street price (EUR) 399 €
Display screen No
Lens : number of elements 7
Field of view (max) 360 °
Aperture range
Effective pixels 14 MP
File format MPEG4
Video codec H.264
Timelapse mode Yes
Embedded microphone Stereo
HDMI out Yes
Type Micro
Caracteristics Battery charging
Data transfert
Wi-Fi Yes
Remote control Yes
Type of remote control Wi-Fi
App available Yes
Type Android
Software Yes
Size and weight
130 in
23 in
44 in
125 oz
Ricoh Theta S
Height 130 in
Width 44 in
Depth 23 in
Weight 125 oz
Image format JPEG
White balance and exposure settings Auto
Digital zoom 1 x
Video resolution
4096 x 2160 (4K Cin) 17:9 No
3840 x 2160 (4K) 16:9 No
2704 x 1524 (2,7K) 17:9 No
2704 x 1440 (2,7K Cin) 17:9 No
2,7K 4:3 No
1920 x 1440 (1440p) 4:3 No
1920 x 1080 (1080p) 16:9 (Full HD) Yes
Frames per second 30 fps NTSC
1920 x 960 No
1920 x 720 No
1440 x 1080 (1080pS) 16:9 No
1280 x 960 (960p) 4:3 (Tall HD) No
1280 x 720 (720p) 16:9 (Action HD) Yes
960 x 720 No
854 x 480 (480w WVGA) 16:9 No
848 x 480 (480w WVGA) 16:9 No
840 x 480 (480w WVGA) 16:9 No
800 x 480 No
720 x 480 (480pH VGA) 3:2 (SD) No
640 x 480 (480p VGA) 4:3 (SD) No
Video resolution (60 fps) x pixels
Slow Motion (best resolution > 100 fps) x pixels
Internal memory Yes
Internal memory capacity 8192 MB
Memory card No
Type Lithium-ion

Information from the technical sheet of the Ricoh Theta S are only indicative, if you notice an error, please inform us with the icon displayed on the right of each specifications.

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