Samsung Gear 2 LiteSamsung Gear 2 Lite

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Samsung Gear 2 Lite
  • Bluetooth


  • Size

    1.63 in

  • Battery life

    6 day(s)

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Key points


512 MB

Battery life

6 day(s)


10 in

Weak points


58.8 in

iOS compatible


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Technical specifications

Available Yes
Release date (US) April 2014
Release date (FR) April 2014
Operating System Tizen
Android compatible Yes
Minimum Android version Android 4.3
iOS compatible No
Windows Phone compatible No
BlackBerry compatible No
Bluetooth 4.0
Bluetooth Low Energy Yes
Display screen
Type Amoled
Display screen in color Yes
Touchscreen Yes
Size 1.63 in
Resolution 320x320 pixels
PPI 278
Waterproof Yes
Splashproof No
Dustproof No
Processor Exynos
Processor frequency 1 GHz
Core number Dual core
RAM 512 MB
Storage capacity 4000 MB
Radio No
Headset plug No
Microphone Yes
Speaker Yes
Wi-Fi No
SIM card No
Vibration Yes
Qi wireless charging No
Memory card No
Size and weight
37.9 in
10 in
58.8 in
55 oz
Samsung Gear 2 Lite
Height 58.8 in
Width 37.9 in
Depth 10 in
Weight 55 oz
Capacity 300 mAh
Battery life 6 day(s)
Display language English
Audio player Yes
Camera No
Accelerometer Yes
Pedometer Yes
Heart rate monitor No

Information from the technical sheet of the Samsung Gear 2 Lite are only indicative, if you notice an error, please inform us with the icon displayed on the right of each specifications.

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