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Pebble Time
  • Bluetooth


  • Size

    1.25 in

  • Battery life

    7 day(s)

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Key points

Windows Phone compatible


BlackBerry compatible


Battery life

7 day(s)


40.5 in


9.5 in

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Dealer Informations Total price Base price
Amazon Marketplace Pebble Time Smartwatch - Black (Certified Refurbished) $49.99 Free shipping $49.99 $49.99
Color : Red $49.99
Amazon Marketplace Pebble Time Smartwatch - Black $74.95 Free shipping $74.95 $74.95
Amazon Marketplace pebble Time Smartwatch Red $99.99 Free shipping $99.99 $99.99
Amazon Marketplace pebble Time Smartwatch White $159.99 Free shipping $159.99 $159.99
Amazon Marketplace Pebble Time Watch White 2015 Kickstarter Edition $310.14 Free shipping $310.14 $310.14

Expert reviews


The Pebble has been my favorite smartwatch for over a year, despite more advanced contenders. What other smartwatch can last more than a few days on a...

The Verge

It's 7:30PM on Thursday evening, and I'm more than half way through my train ride home from work. I glance at the Pebble Time on my wrist and hit a...


The third time's the charm for Pebble. The company's latest Kickstarter-backed smartwatch, the Pebble Time, is easily its most accomplished effort to...


Every smartwatch maker owes the Pebble team a beer. The Kickstarter darling made smartwatches a reality before any of the major companies even dreamed...


Almost three years after its predecessor took Kickstarter by storm, the Pebble Time crashes the smartwatch scene with an even louder bang. The...


The Pebble Time was controversially announced as another Kickstarter project, and still holds the crown for the most funded Kickstarter of all time...


In 2012, when Pebble Technology arrived with its funny watches and participative funding (it went on to be Kickstarter's first success story), the...

Pebble Time Review: The Pebble Time has a colour e-ink display and works with Android and iOS The Pebble Time has a 5-day battery life, a clean and...

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Technical specifications

Available Yes
Release date (US) May 2015
Street price (US) 199 $
Release date (FR) May 2015
Street price (EUR) 199 €
Operating System Pebble OS 2.0
Android compatible Yes
Minimum Android version Android 4.0
iOS compatible Yes
Minimum iOS version iOS 8
Windows Phone compatible Yes
BlackBerry compatible Yes
Bluetooth 4.0
Display screen
Type E-ink
Display screen in color Yes
Touchscreen No
Size 1.25 in
Waterproof Yes
Splashproof Yes
Dustproof Yes
Processor Arm Cortex M4
Vibration Yes
Qi wireless charging No
Memory card No
Size and weight
37.5 in
9.5 in
40.5 in
42.5 oz
Pebble Time
Height 40.5 in
Width 37.5 in
Depth 9.5 in
Weight 42.5 oz
Battery life 7 day(s)
Display language English
Audio player No
Camera No
Accelerometer Yes
Magnetometer No
Ambient light sensor Yes
Gyrometer No
Gyroscope Yes
Pedometer Yes
Compass No
Heart rate monitor Yes

Information from the technical sheet of the Pebble Time are only indicative, if you notice an error, please inform us with the icon displayed on the right of each specifications.

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