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LG G Watch R
  • Bluetooth


  • Size

    1.3 in

  • Battery life

    1 day(s)

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Key points


512 MB

Processor frequency

1.2 GHz


410 mAh



Qi wireless charging



9.7 in

Weak points

iOS compatible





53.6 in


46.4 in

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The G Watch R is LG's second attempt at making an Android Wear smartwatch, and this time it has decided style should come first. The circular screen...


Wearables have now moved past their first-generation, and with a little help from Google and its new Android Wear platform, we're now looking at...


The LG G Watch R is a study in contrasts. It's the best-looking smartwatch yet, but it's still comically large. It has better battery life than the...

Expert Reviews

Motorola has hogged much of the Android Wear limelight with its Moto 360, but LG isn't far behind with a circular smartwatch of its own. Fans of...

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With the LG G Watch R here at the start of the year 2015, we've got very little competition in smartwatches. There are several Android Wear watches...


Here it is, the other round Android Wear watch (the first being the Motorola Moto 360). The G Watch R is LG's second smartwatch, after the G Watch,...

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Technical specifications

Available Yes
Release date (US) October 2014
Release date (FR) October 2014
Street price (EUR) 300 €
Operating System Android Wear
Android compatible Yes
Minimum Android version Android 4.3
iOS compatible No
Windows Phone compatible No
BlackBerry compatible No
Bluetooth 4.0
Bluetooth Low Energy Yes
Display screen
Type Oled
Display screen in color Yes
Touchscreen Yes
Size 1.3 in
Resolution 320x320 pixels
PPI 348
Waterproof Yes
Depth 1 m
Splashproof Yes
Dustproof Yes
Ingress Protection IP67
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 400
Processor frequency 1.2 GHz
Core number Single core
RAM 512 MB
Storage capacity 4000 MB
Radio No
Headset plug No
Microphone Yes
Speaker No
Wi-Fi No
SIM card No
Vibration No
Qi wireless charging Yes
Memory card No
Size and weight
46.4 in
9.7 in
53.6 in
62 oz
LG G Watch R
Height 53.6 in
Width 46.4 in
Depth 9.7 in
Weight 62 oz
Capacity 410 mAh
Battery life 1 day(s)
Display language English
Audio player No
Camera No
Accelerometer Yes
Magnetometer No
Ambient light sensor Yes
Gyrometer No
Gyroscope Yes
Pedometer Yes
Compass Yes
Heart rate monitor Yes

Information from the technical sheet of the LG G Watch R are only indicative, if you notice an error, please inform us with the icon displayed on the right of each specifications.

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